The Problem:

Billions of gallons of contaminated stormwater enter our waterways

Our Solution:

An innovative containment, control and bio-remediation system that eliminates stormwater runoff

Crosswater Droplet

The Crosswater Solution

Crosswater Solutions manufactures a 4-part patent-pending Environmental Preservation System (EPS) that not only reduces storm water runoff, but can store it and even clean a variety of contaminants out of surface water runoff by using a bio-remediation agent.

For the past three years, we have engaged in research resulting in a ground-breaking patent pending system. Crosswater’s comprehensive system is the first and only full-service solution capable of dealing with and eliminating the environmental issue at hand.

Crosswater Droplet

System Components

Component 1: Pervious Capstone

We use our patent-pending, superior permeable pavement to capture and provide entry to storage aggregate at a high rate. We use recycled rubber, recycled concrete and polymers to create the Capstone.

Component 2: Storage Aggregate

We incorporate a very high-porosity patent-pending expanded ceramic shale to store and absorb water. Rotary kiln to pyro-process and expand clay, shale or slate

Component 3: Bio-Remediation

Our EPA-proven bio-remediation agent is tailored to site contamination and gets to work, cleaning or neutralizing most water polluting-contaminants.

Storage Aggregate
Native Soil


The principals, founders and shareholders of Crosswater Solutions, LLC share nearly 200 years of experience with government contracting, chemical sales, engineering research and construction. When you pin that wealth of expertise up against this unsolved environmental problem, it creates the perfect storm in an industry supported by an enormous budget

Spreading Awareness

Representatives from our team are available to present our product to your organization.

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Government & Industry Compliant

Future Projections

Business related to stormwater as of 2013, is estimated at over $680 billion dollars; and nearly all of it is driven by compliance. Fortunately, we have an innovative and lasting solution.

Our Business Strategy

We are following a compliance-based business model, a strategy that is even more effective than the multi-trillion dollar industry of government contracting. The size and power of the Federal Government compounded with our capacity to meet the demands of a mandate in which no other competition exists presents us with a rare business opportunity.



We have been endorsed by the Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History and Nash Daniels Advisors.


Global Impact:

We Only Get One Planet

A New Beginning

Your Water, Clean Water, Crosswater

At Crosswater Solutions, LLC, we believe in setting the gold standard for a new beginning in green-technology and water quality. Our superior patent pending bio-remediation system, which is generated through sustainable and recycled materials, has the opportunity to provide an infinite supply of clean water for all.

Join Us in Making a Difference

We are marketing our patent pending stormwater bio-remediation system to various industries, institutions and municipalities that are interested in making a sustainable environmental impact that is both efficient and cost-effective.

We have been recognized by several significant engineering, environmental and chemical firms as having a comprehensive system that works.

The Future

Green Infrastructure

Our containment, control and bio-remediation system has phenomenal market demand that is supported by environment legislation and is starting to be sanctioned by municipalities and higher courts.

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